Meet Jess!

Hey y’all!  My name is Jessica and I’m 15.  I love fitness, sports, and health but I believe in a little moderation!  I do love my Cheerwine 😉 I also enjoy fashion and putting together modest outfits. And of course I love Jesus!

I first started my Instagram account @jessandJesus in May of 2016.  I loved it and I want to expand my ministry to more topics and people!  My goal is to help girls of all ages learn to find confidence in Jesus, be fashionable yet modest, and grow to love fitness!

Fun little facts about me:

  • My favorite author is Robin Jones Gunn
  • My favorite sport to play is softball and my favorite to watch is football
  • I love going on hikes with my family
  • I do Liberty University Online Academy for school
  • My favorite store is Marshall’s and any cute boutiques
  • Some of my favorite foods are acai bowls, guacamole, and burrito bowls
  • My favorite hair brand is Not Your Mother’s
  • Favorite books of the Bible are Hebrews, John, Isaiah, ect…
  • Three of my favorite workout clothing brands are Calia by Carrie, Nike, and Under Armour